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This article was Classroom Action Research that to draw about real objects for increasing the pupils’ vocabulary at the second grade of Elementary School 19 Olo North-Pariaman, and the factors were influence of the pupils’ vocabulary pupils’ vocabulary by using real objects. The research was done in two cycles. In conducting the research, the researcher was helped by a collaborator in doing plan, action, observation, and reflection. The data in this research were analyzed quantitatively and qualitatively. The quantitative data were analyzed through data gotten from task and test. Then, the qualitative data gotten from observation and field notes. the test design based on indicators which collections of theories about vocabulry test for young learners yaitu pronounciation and cylce 1, the pupils’ average score was t 44,25% and in cylce 2, it's improve 70,66. The findings of this research showed that the real objects can improve the pupils’ vocabulary. The improvement was influenced by several factors, such as the materials, the media, the classroom activities, the teacher’s encourangement, and the classroom management.


Vocabulary mastery, real objects, elementary school

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Rasmita, S.PdI., M.Pd. (2017). IMPROVING PUPILS’ VOCABULARY MASTERY BY USING REAL OBJECTS AT GRADE II OF ELEMENTARY SCHOOL 19 OLO - NORTH PARIAMAN. Jurnal Pendidikan Dompet Dhuafa, 7(01), 31-38. Retrieved from