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Sekolah Guru Indonesia (SGI) is one of the divisions in Dompet Dhuafa Pendidikan. SGI has a commitment to produce transformative teachers who have teaching competencies and leadership spirit. This study aims to describe the implementation of the value of 10 teacher's leadership of SGI Master Teacher program, batch 27 in Aceh Singkil 2018. This is study case research using a qualitative approach. The results of the study show that activists still implement most of the values of the curriculum of educators and instructors, although in the persistent aspect of research it is still low. Efforts can be made by activists to maintain the value of 10 teacher leadership; upgrading themselves through regular meetings, maintaining the friendship, and coaching programs directly from Sekolah Guru Indonesia


SGI Master Teacher, 10 teacher leadership

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Ervan Jaya. (2018). THE IMPLEMENTATION OF TEN TEACHER’S LEADERSHIP VALUES ON SGI MASTER TEACHER PROGRAM. Jurnal Pendidikan Dompet Dhuafa, 8(02), 35-44. Retrieved from