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Human behavior can be explained through narrative approach. Related to education, new perspectives are needed. That is why narrative approach is important in this case. Narrative approach How a story that was a history of the past can influence human behavior in the present, in psychology it is part of the study of narrative psychology, a science that studies how stories form these lf and personality of a person which in turn form their lives. School is a period of preparation to face life in the real world. Therefore, everything learned in school must be something that will be experienced in the real world. The world that children will face is not the present, but the future. Therefore, schools should prepare children to be ready to live in the real world in the future. Education becomes the foundation for understanding the mystery of human life. We often lead children to reach a point, and when we miss the target, time cannot be reversed. For that, the best way is to condition the child to find infinite points throughout his life so that by itself he will reach a point that was never before in our shadow.


authentic education, education, narrative approach, school

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Endro Tri Susdarwono, & Yonimah Nurul Husna. (2020). A CASE STUDY OF A NARRATIVE APPROACH TO AUTHENTIC INDONESIAN EDUCATION: HARMONY BETWEEN EDUCATION AND THE NATURAL ENVIRONMENT. Jurnal Pendidikan Dompet Dhuafa, 10(01), 37-42. Retrieved from