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In 4.0 Era, teachers are not only required to master m-learning that is interesting and fun, but m-learning that has good values contained in the Quran. This research aims to find out how to develop an Android-based m-learning that is integrated with the verses of the Quran as a learning media in social interaction materials. This research used Research and Development research method which was oriented to the development of learning media products, android-based learning media. This research developed an android-based application to teach social interaction materials on Social Science subjects in grade 7 at SMPIT LHI Banguntapan. The results showed that overall learning media were made according to the syllabus of Social Sciences subject in class VII. The development of this learning media had been validated through several stages of validation, which were validation from material expert, validation from media expert and conducted trials starting from individual trials, small-scale trials and large-scale trials. Based on the results of the data analysis, 95% of the students said that the Android-based m-learning, the shali shalihaa application, was very helpful in learning because it had complete content, was delivered in a communicative language and had an attractive appearance, so the Android-based m-learning can be said to be feasible in school.


Application, Based on Android, Social Interaction

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