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The Covid19 pandemic has entered its second year, various Islamic boarding schools have entered a new era in their learning lives. Initially, Islamic boarding schools did not use IT or other digital tools in learning, but at the beginning of the pandemic, full learning was finally carried out online with qualified digital media. The purpose of this study is to explore the urgency of digitizing learning in Islamic boarding schools, especially in history lessons. The use of the literature study method is applied so the source of this research comes from previous research articles. The result of this research is that digitalized history learning needs to be continuously carried out to improve the quality of learning which does not only emphasize the cognitive aspects. Islamic boarding schools and teachers need to facilitate students so digital-based learning can still be implemented in the Islamic boarding schools.


Keywords: Islamic Boarding School, New Normal, Historical Learning, Digitalization

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Husna, L. A. (2021). DIGITALISASI PEMBELAJARAN SEJARAH PADA PESANTREN ERA NEW NORMAL. Jurnal Pendidikan Dompet Dhuafa, 11(01), 27-33. Retrieved from